Tanning machine coupon

500円OFF 10分無料 日焼けジェル1個追加
Presentation conditions
One word saying "Look at the homepage." Please print out this page and bring it, please open the mobile screen and show it to the staff.
Terms of use
Those who use tanning machine. Available only at the first visit.
※ Can not be combined with other services

Profitable information

Morning Service・Night Service

Morning 10:00 ~ 11:00
Night 20:00 ~ 21:00
When you make a reservation by phone, please tell us 'Asa-toku(Morning Service)'
or 'Yoru-toku(Night Service)'. ※Telephone reservation required

All machines 10 minutes free extension or face grill machine 10 minutes service.

Prepaid card sale deals

Prepaid card sale deals.

Up to 12,000 yen is also advantageous.

Black Card

You get 1 point each time and when you amass 100 points, we will issue the black member's card.
When it becomes a black card ...

you can get free extra 10 minutes every time.
Additionally, we will provide free 30 minutes at any machines every 10 points.

We are offering very profitable new type limited prepaid cards.

Please contact us for more information to staff.

We are offering very profitable new type limited prepaid cards.

School discount

Please show your student ID card with face photo.

Students can use it at all time student fee.

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