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Please just bring yourself. This salon is stocked with towels,
tanning gel etc., everything needed for tanning is available.
For ladies, ‘Nippless (nipple cover)’ and bathrobes are available
as well.
Our facility is cleaned up everyday.
We use special sanitizer and deodorant when we clean our
machines, so please use them without worry about hygiene.

We provide machines with locks, gender-segregated shower rooms
and locker rooms out of consideration for privacy.
This facility is very safe and user-friendly.
All machines are installed off-air music programs, so you can enjoy
listening music during tanning.
Free bath amenities are available.
e.g. Facial cleanser, Toner, Curling iron, Straightener, Hair brush,
bathrobe etc.
Please feel free to use.

This tanning salon is only for members.

Please fill in a member registration form at the reception desk.
Then choose a tanning machine and make a payment.
The reception staff will advise on machines if you are a first-time visitor.

A special prepaid card is available only for the first time!
Please check it out!
Please leave your luggage in a locker.
IThen staff will take you to tha tanning booth and instruct on how to
use the machine.
If you have any questions. please feel free to ask.
Take off your clothes and apply tanning gel to your whole body.
Once you get ready, lie down on the tanning machine and close the
cover. The machine automatically starts 3 minutes after.
Please enjoy and relax tanning time with off-air music programs.

The machine is shut down automatically when it passes the timelimit.
Please come out from the tanning machine and wrap a towel around
your body. (Bathrobes are available for ladies.)
Then, move to the shower room with your clothes and take a shower.
If you wish to use bath amenities, please ask our staff.
Please return the towel and basket to the reception desk.
Your member’s card will be returned at the same time.
Please use a vending machine or a smoking room if you like.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

What should I bring to the tanning salon?
Just bring yourself. This salon is stocked with towels, tanning gel etc., everything needed for tanning is available.

Can I get a dark tan from first tanning?
No, one is not enough. Normally, you need several times to get a color you want.

Is it better to build up a base tan before going to the sea or abroad?
A : Yes. It is good to use the tanning machines and create the base before you expose your skin to the strong sun’s ray.

Do I need to apply anything to my skin?
You’d better use moisturizing agent.

How long do I need for the first time?
A : It depends on your skin condition, so please discuss with our staff.
We recommend the machine for a base tan or medium power for beginners in general.

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