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【Presentation conditions 】

You print out a word as this page, saying "see a homepage", and bring with you, or please open the screen of a cellular phone, and show it to the staff.

【Use conditions 】

Collagen machine user first time limitation
※Combined use with other services is impossible.

With esthetic [ of light ] "collagen machine" Hari of skin and gloss revive!

1. Vitality of Skin, and Care
It is 3~4 weeks about the collagen lamp therapy for 2~3 times [ per week ], and 10 minute 30 minutes.
A clean and fresh skin with Tension is realizable.

2. Continue the collagen lamp therapy for deep cleaning and reproduction 2~3 times, and 10 minute 30 minutes for further three weeks. [ per week ]
Recovery of an overall skin is realizable.

3. Further continue a treatment for reduction 2~3 times per week of the outline and wrinkles of elasticity, and three weeks.
Vitality and elasticity are given to skin and wrinkles are decreased.


★The cosmetics effect of PhotoFacial is realizable in the whole body. ★

It irradiates with a collagen machine combining the light of two kinds of special wavelengths, it arrives to the dermis layer in the inner part of skin, activates skin directly, and improves skin to youthful beautiful textures.
The effect is greatest although it is only the easy esthetic which is sleeping.
The effect that spot wrinkles become thin by carrying out repetition irradiation also shows up.
Bare skin revives the Tension gloss which it originally has.
An effect comes out of the difference to the feelings of an effect by continuing, although it is by people.
Pink "esthetic of light" is the epoch-making esthetic for [ be / in the body / no burden ] regaining lustrous skin simply.
Since the perviousness of cosmetics is also raised, it is effective also as additional service of a cosmetics treatment.

【The effect of the light of two kinds of special wavelengths of a collagen machine (collagen light) 】
Light of two kinds of special wavelengths of a collagen machine (collagen light)

The red wavelength of 633 nm 】
This wavelength promotes blood circulation, and activates a fibroblast, and it urges generation of collagen to it.

• Dullness of eyes, The improvement of dark circles under eyes
• Skin tight(The lift rise effect )
• The improvement of small wrinkles 、Of the skin decide; luster
• I keep tension
• Blood circulation promotion

Wavelength of 830nm】
Although generation of collagen is urged also to this wavelength like a red wavelength, it is the feature to permeate in the inner part of skin deeply more.

• An active action of a muscular fiber blast cell (an improvement and lift rise of slack)
• Skin tight (Hari gloss of the skin)
• The improvement of a stain and wrinkles
• An improvement of the pore made according to slack, and a statute line
• Epidermal regeneration action
• The metabolism rise of the skin

It has improved Dullness of eyes, and a statute line!
The dropsy of eyes was lost and eyes felt it refreshed. !
Dry skin stopped being worrisome. !
A spot is becoming thin. !
Wrinkles were reduced. !

・・・The improvement of skin is realized and got. 。

A collagen machine revives Hari whom skin originally has, and glossy skin , and there is no suntan effect.

★Since our shop is the structure which seldom suits other visitors although it is a tanning salon, please come to the store in comfort. ★

※A female staff will correspond time a female mark to be.

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